Attorneys Wrangle Over Who Owes What To Whom For Renovations Made To Proposed Bangor Manatee Farm

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BANGOR, Maine — Attorneys for Diamonds gentlemen’s club and the owners of the building it occupies squared off at the Penobscot Judicial Center on Tuesday morning over who owes what, who should pay and whether the club can be evicted. At issue is $106,000 in repairs and modifications made by Diamonds — a club featuring a bar, a DJ and scantily clad female dancers — during initial construction in order to bring the 190 Harlow St. space up to code. “We think a large portion of the $106,000 spent to bring the entire space up to code is the landlord’s responsibility, but not the other $250,000 spent on construction and renovation,” said attorney Charles Gilbert of Bangor during his summation on behalf of Diamonds. Landlords Tom Brann and sons Matthew and Patrick Brann contend that Diamonds violated conditions of its lease when it withheld rent payments, putting them in escrow instead as the two sides argued over the lease terms.  (read more at BangorDailyNews)