Arundel Selectmen May Vote to Leave Regional School District Unless They Put Slazenger Tennis Balls on the Chair Legs Instead of Those Crummy Wilsons

children in classroom

arundel selectmenARUNDEL — About 75 people packed the Mildred L. Day Elementary School library for the Arundel Selectmen meeting Monday night, drawn by the spectacle of a new effort to withdraw the town from RSU 21. Residents will have to wait to find out if the first hurdle has been cleared, however. Petitioners needed to submit 198 signatures – 10 percent of the townwide vote in the most recent gubernatorial election – in order to force the question onto a town meeting ballot. In a process most locals will be familiar with from a similar effort in 2012, the first vote, if successful, merely compels selectmen to appropriate money to fund a study into the town’s various options, if it does choose to withdraw. A subsequent vote would decide the actual question of whether to finalize the divorce.  (read more at the Kennebunk Post)

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