Another Vicious and Unpredictable Five-Year-Old Girl Tries to Choke Innocent and Adorable Pit Bull With Her Neck

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pit bullFALMOUTH — A Falmouth woman is trying to identify a dog so she can spare her 5-year-old daughter a series of rabies shots. Gia Davis said her daughter was walking with a care-giver on one of Portland’s trails near the Ocean Avenue dog park about 4:45 p.m. Tuesday when a dog attacked her. The care-giver and witnesses told Davis that the girl, who was already afraid of dogs, curled up in a fetal position and the dog bit her in the back of the neck and broke the skin, Davis said. The dog retreated after a woman called for it. “We were probably pretty lucky,” Davis said. “This dog had her by the back of the neck.” Now, Davis wants to make sure the dog has had a rabies shot, so that her daughter doesn’t have to get a series of five shots, including two at the site of the puncture. “I have to vaccinate her. It’s most likely not needed, but I don’t know 100 percent and I have to make a pretty quick call,” Davis said. She must hear by Friday night or she will have to start the treatment, she said. (read more at the Kennebec Journal)

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  1. Pitbull owners are notarious for saying blame the owner not the breed, but pitbull owners know their breed is more unpredictable so they conveniently keep them unliscened and don’t use microchips so they can run away from attacks like this. Cowards. This little girls world is going to be a very scary place because of this dog attack and the added shots are only going to make the trauma more traumatic. By now the owner knows of this publicized attack and should have the respect and consideration for the little girls pain and additional suffering through painful shots by coming forward with information on her dog.. They never have rabies they are just very bad dogs with kids.. turning on a dime and looking at them as if they are prey, but the family has to give the shots just to be safe.. The owner should be ashamed. There needs to laws against MAUL and run just like there are laws against hit and run drivers. There is no difference .. if you know you were involved in an attack or accident against another person you should stay and make sure they get help.

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