After 50 Years of Quaker Church What-Have-You, Windham Friends Meeting House Wonders What Ever Happened to That Jesus Fellow

quaker church

quaker churchWINDHAM – Julie Moore remembers fondly the three colorful murals that during her childhood were displayed on the interior walls of the sanctuary each Advent season at the Windham Friends Meeting, a Quaker church on Route 202. Since the items were made of paper and were folded annually and stored in the church’s attic, the murals quickly disintegrated and went out of use by the 1960s, Moore said. “I asked my mother back in the 1990s whatever happened to those murals we used to have and she said, ‘Oh, they got torn up and we threw them out.’ They used to keep them in the church attic so they got cold and that really did them in,” Moore said. (read more at the Lakes Region Weekly)

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