Abutters Of Proposed Oxford Sewage Plant Wonder If They’ll Be Allowed To Just Dump Their Thunderjugs Over The Fence

Sewer pip installation. Maine news from The Rumford Meteor

Sewer pip installation. Maine news from The Rumford MeteorOXFORD —  Abutters to potential sites of a proposed waste water treatment facility in town expressed a handful of concerns during a public hearing November 20. While Brent Bridges, vice president of Woodard and Curran, the engineering firm that designed the plant and Paul Rodriguez, a senior project engineer, gave a presentation detailing the project, residents asked questions about the environmental impact, costs and how the plant would operate overall. Abutters said they were apprehensive about a facility being constructed mostly for environmental reasons, including water quality, and aesthetics. They also worried the facility would have a negative effect on property values. The town is looking at two sites for the facility near Welchville Dam, at the intersection of Routes 26 and 121. (read more at Advertiser Democrat)