$349,000 Grant To Revive Penobscot Language Expected To Teach Researchers Enough Penobscot Words To Ask For Another $349,000 In Penobscot Next Time

Penobscot language grant

Penobscot language grantINDIAN ISLAND, Maine — The Penobscot Nation’s effort to save its traditional language for future generations received a boost this week through a federal grant that will allow University of Maine researchers to assist the tribe in dramatically expanding the Penobscot language dictionary. The National Science Foundation recently awarded a nearly $340,000 grant to help the Penobscot Nation, UMaine and the American Philosophical Society preserve the language by creating a comprehensive version of the Penobscot Dictionary, complete with an English index and online database. It would be the first Penobscot dictionary to be published. The Penobscot language, like many other tribal languages, was subdued for generations in U.S. schools. Teachers of Penobscot children would hit students on the wrists with rulers or punish them in some other way for speaking their tribal language. Children across the nation faced similar hazards when speaking their tribe’s language or practicing their customs. Penobscot parents began speaking primarily English to their children sometime around 1880-1900, according to researchers. (read more at Bangor Daily News)