Potatoes Need Not Apply

vodkaMaine Couple Distill Award-Winning Vodka

vodkaMainebiz interviews a couple who turned a college class project into an award winning vodka distilling business right here in Maine:

  • Surely the couple didn’t anticipate back in 2004 that their class project would lead to a gold medal at this year’s San Francisco World Spirits Competition in March, with a product that bested big-name brands including Stolichnaya and Smirnoff. The couple’s Twenty 2 Micro Distilled Vodka also won a bronze medal in December of 2009 at the World Spirits Competition in Geneva, Switzerland, just three months after it went on the market.Galbiati and Jewell incorporated the company in 2006, after moving to Aroostook County and quitting full-time jobs, Galbiati as a marketing coordinator for an Oxford County credit union and Jewell as an engineer at the NewPage paper mill in Rumford. “Having a chemical engineer on board is totally key to good-quality vodka,” Galbiati says of his wife. The company also includes Jewell’s sister, who serves as director of production.

Despite moving to Aroostook County, the vodka doesn’t use any potatoes. It’s distilled from corn. Read the whole interview here.

Talk fast, kids, before the potato farmers with the pitchforks and torches get there.