27 Percent of Maine Teachers Haven’t Been Accused of Anything Yet

maine teachers

maine teachersROCKPORT, Maine — After sitting at their desks to color a map of Europe’s Allied and Axis nations, four sixth-grade girls stood up. “Ready?” one whispered. They nodded, stood and pushed their chairs to their desks. “Company attention!” they yelled together. With that, Camden-Rockport Middle School social studies teacher Jim Morse hopped over. “At ease, soldiers,” he said as he began looking through the maps. “Good job. Make sure your name, class and date are on there.” Morse is one of the men that make up 27 percent of Maine teachers. According to data released by the National Education Association, that put Maine at No. 12 nationally in 2011 for its percentage of public school male teachers. Topping the list was Kansas, with men accounting for 33 percent of teachers. At the bottom, Virginia’s public school teacher staff is only 17.5 percent men. The percentage of male teachers has dropped dramatically over the last century. In 1882, 42 percent of teachers were male, according to research by Indiana University. That dropped to 21 percent in 1921 before rising and then dropping again in the 1960s. (read more at the Bangor Daily News, if you can read)

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