24 Little Girls and a Very Confused Local Machinist Yelling RON PAUL! Attend Tea Party Event in Mexico

Mexico Maine library American Girl tea party event

Mexico Maine library American Girl tea party eventMEXICO — Two dozen girls ages 6 to 11 participated in a 60-minute American Girl Tea Party on Friday afternoon in the Calvin Lyons Hall. Many of the girls wore fine dresses and clothing styles that were popular for girls in the 1940s, and brought their American Girl dolls from that era along for the Mexico Public Library event. Prior to a history presentation, Librarian Valerie Messana invited two young girls up who wore clothing identical to their dolls. “Now you can get dolls that resemble you and they’ve got matching outfits, which is pretty cool,” she said. Using books from the library, Messana gave a short presentation about the history of American Girl dolls. She introduced them to American Girl “Molly” and took her audience back in time verbally to the 1940s. Molly, Messana said, was an American Girl who lived during that era and worked hard to support the World War II troops by organizing and performing in “Hurray for the USA!” variety shows. (read more at the Lewiston Sun Journal)

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