Van Buren Community Center Quilting and Knitting Collective Represents the Last Bulwark Against Multinational Crocheting Conglomerates

van buren community centerVAN BUREN, Maine — Two days each week, friends gather at the Van Buren Community Center to quilt, knit and share a laugh. “You never see an unhappy quilter,” said Rachel Levesque of Van Buren, last week while preparing fabric for her quilt. Levesque and several other students, who are part of a quilting class offered by Van Buren’s Adult Education program, are creating quilts for oncology patients at Cary Medical Center. Bernadette (Dubay) Opthof, a Van Buren native who now lives in Limestone, is the instructor. Following her quilting demonstration at the Acadian Village, Opthof was approached to teach. (read more at the St. John Valley Times)

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