Audiences Sure to Love My Clinically Obese Greek Wedding


greek weddingBack in 2002 Toula Portokalos married her prince charming Ian Miller in My Big Fat Greek Wedding and it was fun – kind of “opa” even. It was a vastly popular film, delighting audiences worldwide while raking in vats of nomisma (money). Now we have installment two, also written by Nia Vardolos, who portrays Toula. The script is predictable, and the comic bits, forced. The dancing at the end, however, was … opa! Newlyweds no more, Toula and Ian (John Corbett) have a 17-year-old daughter, Paris (must have been where they honeymooned – I’d of expected her name to be Athena or something along those lines). (read more at the Wiscasset Newspaper)

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