Democrat Welfare Proposals Would Dock 5 Percent From Monthly Tattoo Stipend for Every Misspelled Word

welfare proposals
welfare proposalsIt’s a sure sign that campaign season is upon us when lawmakers start rolling out end-of-session welfare proposals. Last Thursday, Maine Democrats unveiled their “Welfare that Works” package, which aims to tackle the purported problem of “fraud and abuse” in what’s left of the state’s safety net for low-income families. “Mainers, we’re listening. You’re right. Our welfare system is broken,” House Speaker Mark Eves announced at a March 10 press conference, flanked by fellow Democrats. “It’s not helping lift Mainers out of poverty and it’s too susceptible to fraud and abuse.” The proposal would block recipients from using Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) cash benefits to purchase goods and services like tattoos, lottery tickets, guns, pornography, bail, vacations and liquor. (read more at the Free Press Online)

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