Bar Harbor Airport Has No Idea What to Do With an Extra 3,571 Tiny Packages of Peanuts

empty airplane

bar harbor airportTRENTON — Hancock County- Bar Harbor Airport has lost $2 million in federal entitlement funds since failing to hit a 10,000-passenger enplanement target for the past two years. If the airport hits the annual target, it receives Federal Aviation Administration funding, $1 million a year, for capital improvement projects. An enplanement refers to a passenger boarding a plane. During 2015, the airport had 7,928 enplanements, according to Airport Manager Brad Madeira. During 2014, the airport counted 8,501 enplanements. “I believe that the decrease is due to a very harsh winter last year that badly hurt 1Q (first quarter) numbers,” Madeira said in an email. (read more at the Mount Desert Islander)

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