Maine Maritime Professor’s Stargazing Event Will Point Out Five Dots That Look Exactly Like Fourteen Horses Pulling a Chariot Filled With Minotaurs


maine maritimeBLUE HILL — When you talk with Capt. Dan Parrott, he makes it clear that among the many things he is — including a professor of marine transportation at Maine Maritime Academy — one of the things he is not is a professional astronomer. He has more than a passing knowledge of the stars in the sky, however. He sailed professionally for a couple of decades, and in that work gained a familiarity with constellations and stars used for navigation. “I spent a lot of time on the decks of sailing vessels,” he said. “There’s a lot of time looking at the sky.” In his time sailing at sea, Parrott practiced the art and science of celestial navigation. Though it is something he has not done a lot of since he came to MMA 13 years ago, he retains the knowledge gained at sea and will soon be sharing it with the public.  (read more at the Ellsworth American)

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