First Baby of the Year at Lincoln Hospital. A Quinn Martin Production

quinn martin production

quinn martinLincolnHealth’s first baby of 2016, was born Jan. 4 at 11:43 a.m. just one door down from the room where his sister Anastasia arrived 15 months earlier. Lev weighed 9 pounds, 13 ounces. His mom and dad, Katya and Quinn Martin of Bristol, arrived at the hospital about 3 a.m. on Sunday night. Lev was born after 14 hours of labor. “It was really good. The labor was easy,” said Katya, who is originally from Russia. “Stacey (Certified Nurse Midwife Stacey Rees) did a great job helping me.”

(read more at the Wiscasset Newspaper, which is not a Quinn Martin Production)

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