Canada Tells Obama to Shove That Vetoed Pipeline Right Up His Northeast Channel

mount desert

northeast channelTwo leases, granted to Norwegian energy giant Statoil, would allow the company to look for oil offshore — on two parcels of land near the Georges Bank and the entrance to the Gulf of Maine. The possibility that Statoil will drill at the sites worries both Nova Scotia environmentalists, concerned about a potential spill, and fishermen who harvest lobsters, scallops and groundfish. Statoil paid $82 million for the rights to the two ocean-floor parcels. Nick Record is a Senior Research Scientist at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences in East Boothbay. In his work, Record uses computer modeling to study the biogeography and biogeochemistry of the ocean. “The main place that water would come into the Gulf of Maine is the Northeast Channel and that would be where I would be the most worried,” he says. (read more at MPBN)

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