103-Year-Old Westbrook Resident Wants to Watch The Mike Douglas Show Now, Young Feller, So You’ll Have to Leave

westbrook resident

westbrook residentWESTBROOK – During her long lifetime, Westbrook resident Stella Richardson has seen quite a bit. The Libby Avenue resident, who turns 103 on Friday, June 22, has  lived through 19 presidential administrations, starting with Theodore Roosevelt, two World Wars and countless city administrations. She has also seen her family grow from one child to 29, with five grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren, 18 great-great grandchildren and even one great-great-great grandchild. Richardson could possibly be the oldest person living in Westbrook, though, according to City Clerk Lynda Adams, it’s not easy to determine that fact, as records are not clear when it comes to longevity. City Councilor Mike Sanphy, the president of the Westbrook Historical Society, is also unsure if Richardson is the oldest person in the city.  (read more at Keep Me Current)

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